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Having specialized to the development of customized interfaces as part of our individual software products, we observed the need of increased performance, stability and reliability offered by hardware solutions. During our assessment phase we discovered the complexity of interfacing hardware components to typical 16-bit, 32-bit microprocessors. On the other hand 8-bit systems lacked performance and the ability to communicate with a local area network. Finally we digged up an entire development platform capable of supporting our needs. As the platform itself may prove to be useful also for other companies, partners and customers, we decided to include the development system in our product list.Our system of choice is called eZ80 Acclaim! and is derived from the Z80 family of microprocessors. The eZ80 is manufactured by Zilog, the developer of the original Z80 CPU. The eZ80 Acclaim! development consists of the following components:


  • eZ80 development platform
  • eZ80F91 CPU module
  • Ethernet hub
  • ZPAK II emulator
  • Universal power supply
  • Supplementary cables
  • ZDS II Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Documentation / CD-ROM


The heart of the system is the eZ80F91 CPU operating at 50Mhz with 256KB on-chip Flash memory and 16KB of internal SRAM. The CPU module provides an additional 512KB of off-chip SRAM and a 10BaseT Ethernet Controller with RJ45 connector.The development platform consists of the following major hardware blocks:

  • Module Interface (hosting the eZ80F91 CPU module)
  • Application Module Interface (hosting custom developed application modules)
  • User GPIO latches and LED matrix
  • Two RS232 serial communication ports
  • Embedded modem interface
  • I2C devices
  • Power connector

The Zilog Developer Studio II Integrated Development Environment (ZDS II IDE) provides a complete suite of software tools to support development with the eZ80 family of microcontrollers. Running under Windows, it offers an easy-to-use GUI with language sensitive editor, project manager, C-compiler, assembler, linker, librarian and debugger. Sample software projects allow for an easy startup with embedded system development. Debugging support is provided through the ZPAK II Emulator, which serves a physical link between ZDS II IDE and the target development system. Code may be downloaded directly to the target system for editing and debugging purposes.In addition to the features offered by the delivered package, the object codes of the Zilog Real-Time Kernel (RZK) and Zilog TCP/IP Stack (ZTP) are available as free downloads to registered eZ80 development kit users. For more information such as the most current technical manuals, products briefs, specifications and downloads, please refer to the manufacturers site. In case of other questions and iquiries, please contact us directly.
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