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Media Conversion using Liberator

Did you ever face the problem to convert between ISDN basic rate and ISDN primary rate ? What about establishing enhanced automatic alternate routing services without support from your switch or PBX ? Or do you simply want to generate call detail records for each call ? Then Liberator might be the right choice for you. Liberator is a telephony device delivered in small form factor or as 19" rack mount unit providing services such as:

  • media conversion between ISDN basic rate and ISDN primary rate (e.g. connecting GSM gateways to a class 4 public switch)
  • uni- and bidirectional routing between customized groups of basic and primary rate channels
  • line hunting and trunk grouping
  • alternate route selection and least cost routing
  • ISDN simulation and testing
  • call detail record (CDR) generation
  • nailing of ISDN channels (similar to interconnecting the channels physically)
  • resource sharing of ISDN primary rate and ISDN basic rate access devices on to a single primary rate interface or multiple basic rate interfaces
  • number conversion for incoming and outgoing calls
  • power loss safety (interconnects primary rate interfaces in case of power loss)
  • internal clock generation and external clock sourcing
  • optional power feed for ISDN basic rate interfaces (NT)


Liberator is available through or our partner Patapsco For more information refer to our partners dedicated product page . In case of question, feel free to contact us. Please note, that we also offer project oriented solution support and trainings for various protocol suites.
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