Looking for an integrated architecture and an easy-to-use implementation ?

Facing too much training efforts due to complex configurations ?

Got the feeling of too many parameters to be set up for your off-the-shelf products ?

Your middleware requires a low-fat diet ?

Then this is the right place to look for ! By utilizing our modules, third party and open source libraries we are able to provide customized software implementations in reasonable time. Combined with latest open source libraries our industry-proven briX modules may be raised easily to a full blown application. To grasp an idea of , we've assembled some representative examples of systems currently under design or in use.

Statistics & Distribution Engine
The Statistics & Distribution Engine follows a twofold purpose. At one hand it provides access to real-time call centre statistics via XML-RPC for third party applications. On the other hand it delivers load dependend call control and distribution services via the Nortel Periphonics IVR System. The entire architecture follows a distributed pattern to allow for a large number of clients under heavy load. The entire system has been designed for high reliability and central administration

Open Mediator
The Open Mediator is a platform for mediation of billing and MIS data. It features modular input and output interfaces, data conversion, pseudo real-time support for online billing, file based batch mode for offline billing, online and offline stream splitting for multiple clients and a pre-processing backup option for sourced call detail records

Video Call Centre
The heart of the Video Call Centre Architecture is the Video Call Centre Control Server. By synchronizing audio and video media streams it supplements the call centre ACD. The entire architecture provides features such as video agents, video announcements and video menues. Call flow design, call distribution and MIS reporting are entirely carried out by standard call centre components.
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