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Expert Opinions & Technical Advisory
On demand we offer fast and reliable expertise to our customers. This service is destined to customers having need for expert opinions from an independent source. These include insurance and investment companies as well as any other customer, which simply deserves a technical advice to a given problem or ongoing project. Furthermore we also have available the necessary equipment, tools and software to cover all activities during a verification, validation or opinion finding process. The results are presented in a final report. Expert opinions and technical advices are available for but not limited to the following disciplines

  • Telecommunication networks (this includes data networks as well)
  • Telephone systems (public and private) and call / contact centre architectures
  • Computer systems and software development
  • Performance and reliability issues
  • Cause effect analysis for systems and networks

    Please note, that this list is far from being exhaustive. Additional details about the expertise of a single team member may be reviewed in our downloadable company portfolio in the Resources section. In any case do not hesitate to contact us.

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