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This section covers several open source contributions posted by some of our team members. Some of them have grown out of our work, others have been developed just for fun. Our aim is to help improving the installed base of open source software by sharing knowledge. With others following the same example we gain part of their knowledge thereby helping us to improve our applications and vice versa. Please note, that the following packages are provided as is and may be downloaded at no charge. In case of questions, please contact the author.

Free software contributions by Norbert Frese

Norbert has contributed patches to the RMI module of the GCC project. These improve protocol compatibility between Sun Java and GCJ, the java compiler of the GCC project. In addition he has developed a little tool to trace RMI messages exchanged between endpoints.

Norbert also developed a tiny audio recording application called radiocap, which he currently uses to record his favourite radio programs.

When working with Linux, you might have discovered the annoyance of being unable to unmount certain resources such as the CD-ROM. Another tiny utility by Norbert, wbumount helps you to reveal the processes, which block the device.

Too many desktops for one system ?

Here are some routines and programms written by Norbert trying to get the holy GNOME and KDE grails on common ground. Read more about the Common main loop

Virtual File Systems are facing the same problems, Common VFS proposed a solution.

TinyVariant is a library for serialization and data transport. It features loose datatypes, partial readable protocol elements, a small memory footprint, asynchronous and synchronous RPCs. TinyVariant is available for Java, C and PHP.

Free software contributions by Christian Dombacher

From the collection of Definity tools, AVAYA did never provide, Christian decided to release the Clear Vector Script Generator for public free usage. This tiny Windows command line application generates Terranova / ATE scripts, which allow you to clear a predefined set of vectors. Program, documentation and sample file may be downloaded here

Years ago Christian developed a lot of software tools for the little Commodore 64. Most were published in the well known 64er or MD/GO magazines. Some remained unpublished up today. One such utility is S3COMP, a cross packer for Intel based PC platforms. It allows to compress CBM programs within seconds. S3COMP is less than 2K in size and may be downloaded here. The program is accompanied by the original article with some comments (in German). Have fun.

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