Statistical Assessments and Simulation 
Statistical Assessments and Simulation 
Employing university level professionals in mathematics, statistics and engineering we provide statistical assessments for technical, operative and process related systems. Our portfolio includes
  • Capacity Assessments for circuit switched and packet switched voice and data networks
  • Processor Occupancy Evaluation of telephone switches, legacy PBX systems, public network switches and voice over packet based communication platforms
  • Multilevel Reliability Engineering for networks and systems
  • Load Tests and Data Analysis
In todays world of telecommunication we often face a wealth of numbers delivering the wrong message. As an example consider the reliability of a voice over IP based call centre installation. Vendors specify availabilities of 99,999% for their platforms and yes, You can be assured, that the power LED is lit for 99,999% of the time. But what else is warranted ? What is the percentage of time for system unavailability or degraded operation ? The latter suggests a non binary structure of availability and reliability. In fact, there are several levels of functionality, which have to be considered. And this is, where we jump in to perform an appropriate analysis.

Balancing the latest and most established results we provide state-of-the-art assessments tailored to Your utmost concern. By arrow participating in the scientific society we have access to works in queueing theory, Markov chain analysis, statistical methods, reliability theory and six sigma processes. And we will make them work for You. So get in arrow contact.
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