Avaya Related Services Overview

During the last years we often had the opportunity to work with the renowned BCS product line of AT&T / Lucent Technologies / Avaya. Not only, that we directly supported company projects, we also complemented the knowledge of their business partners gaining vast experience on top of trained knowledge. So we decided to dedicate an entire section to the project phases of Avaya single and multisite installations. It shall aid in providing a roadmap to potential partners allowing them to identify the steps to be done. By having introduced a structured approach with interface description, partners may choose which part to keep inhouse and which to outsource

assists you to get what you want.
  Conceptual Modeling
aim to deliver expertise in a concise way to the right person or department.
and customization of off-the-shelf products.
deals with design and implementation of new modules.
and workshops help to share knowledge and experience between your staff and our experts.
aids in streamlining the configuration of your call centre.

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