With the early initiatives of Andrew S. Tanenbaum (for more information on Minix refer to official Minix page) and Linus Torvalds, Unix like systems found their way in our homes. Open sourced software became freely accessible foreveryone interested. Especially Linux has evolved to one of the most stable and compatible Unix like operating systems for Intel based platforms. Valueable development tools, e.g. the compiler family GCC are of the best available in the market place. They are also available for dozens of platforms due to their open source character. There is more to say about Linux, but this would be too much information even for our web server. Anyway, the open source community speaks for itself.

Linux is one of the major development systems at . By using some of the open sourced development tools such as the GCC compiler family or the libraries of the Apache Jakarta Project , most of our applications remain highly portable, although some of them follow a specific hardware dedication. To lower development cost and raise usability for our customers, we make use of modules released under the LGPL or similar. All such packages are then included with source code and delivered to our customers at no additional cost. If a library requires code modification, the changes are published according to the license terms. Beside this, some of our company team members release their own tools, libraries and other contributions to the open source community.

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