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CMS Password Service Utility (pwdch)

The AVAYA Call Management System (CMS) lacks the capability to delegate password management to a trusted user. If an application user (called Supervisor in CMS terminology) has forgotten or lost his/her password, the system administrator (with root permission) has to be contacted for a new password. With the number of users exceeding a certain threshold, the administrator becomes more and more involved in changing passwords. Doing so might also result in loss of security, as the root user is kept logged into the system to perform password changes in an efficient manner. The entire situation gets even worse, if the system administrator has been outsourced to an external company. Then changing a users password might be a process of several days. To circumvent these problems we have developed a small service utility called pwdch, which allows a trusted user to be designated as password manager. With our tool, this trusted user is allowed to change passwords for selected users without knowing the existing password. It is easily accessible through its text mode based windowing system and may be used without UNIX knowledge. Similar to other system extensions pwdch is integrated with the CMS application and may be accessed from the main menu. System security is kept to a maximum level due to the use of the open source utility sudo, which is part of the installed base in most of our customer installations.

In order to keep the system at a moderate pricing level for everybody, our utility is shipped in 3 licensing modes:

  • Small Business / FREE Version :
    This version allows management for up to 5 selected users. There is not timing restriction or similar, pwdch may be used as long as desired. Just follow the page to download application and documentation at no charge.

  • Medium Business : This version may be ordered with us at a lower price and is shipped via mail or email. The application allows management for up to 35 selected users. Interested ? Then please contact us via email or phone

  • Large Business / Unlimited : This version may be ordered with us and is shipped via mail or email. There is user restriction as for the other versions. Interested ? Then please contact us via email or phone


Each version also features a special demo mode which allows you to test the application with larger user sizes, different user files and applications. In order to preserve security the settings are not executed, only the parameters and commands are shown on the screen. This allows for playing around with different options pwdch offers. With your order you may then include change requests according to your needs. For more information related to the customizations performed at no additional charge (Note: does not apply to the Free Version) please refer to the documentation.

The CMS Password utility executes on Sun Solaris 2.x , the standard platform for the AVAYA Call Centre Management System (CMS). For application installation, configuration and usage you should also have a terminal emulation such as the AVAYA Terminal Emulator in place.

To download the installation tarball, click here.

To download the installation, configuration and user manual, click here

We hope that this tiny utility proves to be useful in your environment. Also note, that the CMS Password Service Utility may be customized to systems other than CMS. In case you have any questions, place an order or report a bug, please feel free to contact us.

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