The UNIX operating system originated from AT&T in the early 1970's. Santa Cruz Operation, Inc - now owner of UNIX Operating System Intellectual Property - was one of the first companies to suceed in having established their own UNIX tradition. Starting from SCO Xenix over SCO Unix the path leads to SCO Openserver and SCO Unixware. These operating systems already served and still do serve a rich base of installed products in telephony and communication.

Our aim in joining the partner program was to provide continous design and development services to our customer. Utilizing our knowledge in operating system and application, we are able to build stable and performant applications and interfaces. In the past we often encountered, that long running telephony products were replaced by newer ones due to lack of knowledge and development resources for these systems. Although a common practice in projects, we don't see this as the proper investment protection plan.

As a result we established development systems for SCO Openserver 5 and UnixWare 7. The environment used includes Openserver Development Kit, Unixware Development Kit, Hardware Development Kit and Open Source Products. Up to now we made use of the following program languages and tools :
  • Assembler / Machine Language for system and hardware level routines
  • C for system and hardware level routines
  • Java for application framework and graphical user interface

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If you are interested in the history of UNIX, check out the web site of Éric Lévénez.

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