Due to increasing architecture complexity, system integration and especially the development part of it becomes a critical factor. The development team is responsible for providing the glue between application components. During the past years we gained experience in development projects, which we offer to share with customer and partner development teams. As the development task is highly dependent on the project itself, we can only exemplify some items in the current section.
These are:
  • CTI related development including voice over IP using generic and proprietary interfaces (e.g. implementations dedicated to Avaya and Aspect products).
  • Development of integrated telecommunication products (e.g. network products and mediation systems)
  • Specification and implementation of interfaces between public and private telecommunication network components
  • Database related development including reporting and billing systems for telephony and data networking
  • Enterprise services (e.g. graph based routing systems, control of telecommunication services, IVR services)
  • Advanced administrative tools including authoring tools, parsing systems and diagnostic systems for telecommunication carriers
  • Architecture, design and implementation of scientific algorithms (e.g. graph theoretic approaches, on line performance measurement, NP hard heuristics and optimization problems)
  • Implementation of services and applications for embedded systems based on retired or recent CPU architectures
  • Lowlevel programming in assembly language and design of real-time algorithms for control circuits
Architectural engineering and development may be entirely carried out by our team, but due to our experience during the past years, a combined team performs much better. Although we can deliver sufficient technical skills, inhouse knowledge may become a critical factor. As an option to our customers and partners, their team members may be trained separately or during the project phases (training on the job).

With respect to our customers investment protection plans we have specialized in software development in heterogenous environments. Our aim is to create an overall architecture with each component tailored to the specific requirements of the target platform. Therefore we'd like to invite you to visit our platform specific pages for:

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