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As a picture may tell more that a thousand words, we have prepared an architectural overview showing the setup of our technology lab for testing and development purposes.

As shown in the overview, we're prepared to connect any telephony device using ISDN PRI or BRI to our technology lab. The system under test (SUT) is connected to our multiplexing unit called Liberator. Furthermore Liberator allows us to define the environment in terms of hunting, channel associations and routing required for the setup. We can also use it to track ISDN D-channel messages.
For really serious telephony and datacommunication diagnostics, we have the opportunity to choose between four seperate testing facilities (the analog testing device is not shown in the architecural overview) by spanning a wide range of protocols starting from simple R2 over ISDN, QSig up to SS7 including TCAP, SCCP, IN and several mobile protocols we are ready to diagnose and simulate almost any scenario.
Typical telephony access to the SUT is provided by our internal PBX system. For sure this is not suitable for bulk call testing. Load testing for telephony applications is carried out by the Linkbit Anytest diagnostic card. In case of LAN applications we often consult existing scripts or design new scripts based on open source libraries and execute them using one of our test & development servers.
Sometimes the SUT is also the system under development. In case of implementing applications for public network systems, a satellite system seperated from the main system has to be foreseen in the architecure. In most telephony applications this is a standard unix based system either running Solaris or SCO. This is the point where our test & development systems join in. Through our Sun iForce and SCO development partnerships we're ready to tailor applications to our customers needs.
You might have noticed, that some of the systems used in our technology lab are also offered in our products section. If some of them might also fit in your infrastrucure or you simply want to know more, feel free to contact us.
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