During the past we were often deeply involved in telecommunications projects. Some architectures suffered from poorly defined interfaces, other architectures did not provide them at all. In other scenarios, interfaces were specified well, but we simply missed the appropriate tools or components to capture certain characteristics. As these problems are common to every technical project team, we picked up some of the most occuring challenges and furnished appropriate solutions. During that process we also reviewed the market and gained new partners offering outstanding solutions. Their products will also be made available through us.

Get in touch with our range of products and solutions:
  Testing Solutions
Our suite of protocol analyzers covers a wide range of protocols for LAN, WAN, telecommunication and Voice over IP. This also includes simulation, bulk call generation and script based testing.
  Public Networking Solutions
Our switching and protocol conversion solution comes in various sizes for small, medium and large configurations allowing for external call control based on INAP and XML, CDR generation and real time statistics.
   Cms Password Service Utility
This utility enhances the AVAYA Call Management System by introducing a new security role to the system - Password management may now be delegated to a dedicated person.
  Embedded Systems
Our flexible development environment based on the Z80 CPU interfaces to RS485, LAN, IRDA, serial ports and general purpose I/O, running at 50MHz, supporting flash memory and up 16MB of system memory, coming with real time kernal and full TCP/IP support.
  Media Conversion
Never miss the right ISDN connectivity again - This easy to install unit allows for ISDN multiplexing, flexible routing between ISDN channels, CDR generation, ISDN protocol analysis and simulation.

By merging our industry-proven telecomm modules with open source libraries, we provide easy-to-use and fail-safe software architectures tailored to your needs.
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