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Linkbit Protocol Analyzer AT1000

The AT1000 is an advanced laptop based signaling analyzer/simulator. It can be used for E1/T1 troubleshooting, call generation, monitoring and recording, BERT, protocol emulation and development, voice quality measurements (including PSQM) and many other telecom/datacom test tasks. It offers terminal and monitor modes for active call simulation and passive protocol tracing. The protocol analyzer consists of the following items

  • a laptop running Microsoft Windows(tm) 98, NT, 2000, XP (this item may be provided by the customer or be purchased through )
  • Linkbit PCMCIA card (with 2 x E1 interfaces for Europe, 2 x T1 is available on request)
  • Linkbit Software on CDROM, User's Manual (in English)
  • Set of Test Leads/Adapters
As a special feature, the AT1000 PCMCIA card includes a digital signal processor (DSP) on board. It allows to measure voice and tone quality in conjunction with the software oscilloscope ATSCOPE (which is part of the software suite).

The following protocols are supported

BER Testing

  • G.821, G.826
  • M.2100

SS7 (ANSI, ITU-T, ETSI, China, Russia)

  • SS7 MTP2/3
  • SS7 ISUP
  • SS7 TUP
  • SS7 TCAP
Voice over IP
  • H.323
  • SIP
  • MEGACO/H.248

Mobile Protocols

  • IS-41C/D
  • GSM (A, Abis, TRAU, MAP)
  • 3G (Open A-interface)

Intelligent Network

  • INAP CS1/CS2
  • CAMEL CAP2/3/4

ATM over E1/T1

PSTN/ISDN and variants

  • DSS1
  • QSIG
  • V5.1/2
  • N2
  • 4ESS, 5ESS
  • DMS100
  • R2MF, R2DTMF, R1.5
  • Loopstart, Ground Start, E & M
  • China #1, China R2 MF

E1 Tester Card

E1 Tester and Cabeling

Also available is a protocol builder, which allows modification of various protocol elements such as information elements and messages. Its graphical user interface is based on SDL diagrams also used in relevant standards.

To ease development of test scripts, the AT1000 integrates with Microsoft Visual Basic / Java Script providing an environment for scripting with additional message objects. Currently the following high level protocols are supported

  • IS-41 C/D
  • CAMEL CAP2/3/4
  • AIN, WIN

The entire product suite is available throughwithin Europe, so please feel free to contact us. We also offer trainings for various protocol suites services/training, which can be combined with an introduction to the AT1000 protocol analyzer. For further information on the Linkbit product family including detailed introductions and recent downloads please refer to

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